Letters and Politics

Disenfranchising the Vote

With Greg Palast, a New York Times-bestselling author and a freelance journalist for the BBC as well as the British newspaper The Guardian. Throughout his career he has investigated and uncovered many instances of election fraud and political malfeasance, exposing the corporate interests and big-money involved in who gets elected in the United States. His most recent documentary, The Best Documentary Money Can Buy, is based off of his book of the same name.

About the film:

https_proxyThis real life detective story is told in a film noir style with cartoon animations, secret documents, hidden cameras, and a little help from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit detectives, Ice-T and Richard Belzer. Palast and his associates investigate the myth of the “double voter” and instead expose millions of disenfranchised voters, and the plans of the uber-rich to steal America’s democracy.

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