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The Case Against a Third Party Presidential Vote in 2016 with Arun Gupta

With Arun Gupta, journalist and co-founder of The Indypendent and the Occupied Wall Street Journal. In this episode he speaks with Mitch Jerserich about the state of American politics. A long time third party voter, for the first time he urges voters to vote against Trump, in voting for Clinton. His latest article is The Left Underestimates the Dangers of Trump. 



  • Maggie_O

    I agree with Arun Gupta on all points — including when Trump says he’ll make America great again, he means he’ll make America WHITE again. It’s why Trump has full support of the KKK and every white nationalist and white supremacist group. Trump / Pence truly are far more dangerous than Clinton / Kaine to everyone on the Left, but particularly immigrants, Black people, Latinos, women, LGBT, and of course the environment and entire planet. Trump + GOP Congress would vastly empower Big Oil and Wall Street and wipe out everything the Left has been trying to save for decades: unions, Roe v. Wade, Social Security / Medicaid / Medicare, Endangered Species Act, what’s left of regulations on corporations, and much, MUCH more.

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