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Kavanaugh’s sexual accusations; then, death on the Dakota Access Pipeline. And, the latest on the Kurdish situation

Allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have emerged putting the confirmation vote in question.  Democrats, along with several GOP senators are calling for a hold on the vote while the Senate investigates the case.  For analysis on this issue we are joined by journalists and analysts Ruth Conniff and Antonia Juhasz.

Then, Antonia Juhasz talks about the latest findings of her research on the consequences of building oil and gas pipelines.

And, a conversation with journalist and activist Havin Guneser on the current situation of the Kurdish people in the Middle East.


Ruth Conniff, Editor-at-Large of The Progressive Magazine

Antonia Juhasz is a leading energy analyst, author, and investigative journalist specializing in oil. She is the author of several books including: Black Tide, The Tyranny of Oil, and The Bush Agenda.  Her latest piece Death on the Dakota Access Pipeline: An investigation into the deadly business of building oil and gas pipelines appears in the Pacific Standard Magazine. Antonia is the co-host of KPFA’s Up Front show.

Havin Guneser is a lifelong activist with the International Kurdish Freedom Movement and the spokesperson for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

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