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KPFA Fund Drive – History of Religion

With Gerald Russell,  former British and United Nations diplomat, who spent 14 years representing Britain in the Middle East.  His book Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East is featured as part of the Letters and Politics Religion Pack Interviews offered on the current KPFA fund drive.

Other interviews featured on the Religion Pack:

Karen Amstrong A History of Religious and Violence

Reza Aslan – Jesus and the Roman Occupation of Palestine

David Kertzer – The Pope and Mussolini

Kevin KruseThe Political Marriage of Capitalism and Christianity

Edmund GharibThe History of the Ancient sites destroyed by ISIS

Jonhaton LyonsScientific Advancements of the Islamic Caliphates

Hatem Bazian and Iman Muhammad AliShia Sunni Divide

Denise SpellbergJefferson’s Quran

Blase Bonpane –  Liberation Theology

Sandra BlairThe History of the AME Church

Benjamin ZellerHeaven’s Gate

Bart EhrmanForgeries in the Bible

John Julius Norwich History of the Vatican

Mark EpsteinBuddhism

Reza ZarghameeAncient Persia

Peter StanfordJudas Iscariat


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