Letters and Politics

The New Cold War?

With Anthony D’Agostino, Professor of History at San Francisco State University, and an expert on the history of Russia, including the Russian revolution and the Cold War and the history of Europe during the World Wars..

One response to “The New Cold War?

  1. Letters and Politics as a progressive political show for Berkeley is crap. It’s a fake progressive program. Sometimes great guests, but bad host.The show on Russia was rich with ignorance and misinformation. It reminds me of the demise of meet the press. Meet the Press used to be substantive, and edgy, but now it has Chuck Todd. When Mitch asks at the end: “Is this about gas or oil, or is it about something else”? He reveals himself to be ill informed, and should not be transmitting. Get a host that gives a shit about what’s going on. KPFA you are turning into NPR. I have been listening to you for twenty five years, and your sounding, and tasting very watered-down. You have only a handful of truly progressive programs left. Letter’s and Politics is fake progressive.

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