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Gender Bias and the Presidential Race in the US

In this episode of Letters and Politics interim host Christina Aanestad talks with Emily Crockett, a staff writer for Vox Media, who was part of a team that counted and broadcast the amount of times Trump interrupted Clinton during the presidential debate.

She also speaks with Sara Angevine, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Whittier College, about the prejudice women face in pursuing leadership positions. She is currently working on a new book entitled Strategic Feminism: Women’s Rights in American Foreign Policy.

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One response to “Gender Bias and the Presidential Race in the US

  1. I listened to this KPFa program with disbelief. I am a long time listener of twenty-five years, and this show sounded like a propaganda piece, fructose for consumption, I thought I was listening to KPFA’s version of ‘The View’? The host is too young and naive to know anything about politics, truly, and isn’t taken seriously.This sounded more like a NPR program then a KPFA program. NPR’s trick is to put young naive voices on important stories, and have them espouse crap. KPFA your having troubles because you are losing your alternative edge, and the web is beating you. . You have people on air who are sounding more like Chris Hayes, and Rachel Maddow? The management you are currently under is purposely ruining you. Your pogramming could be so much better, but you do none of the right things to make it so. Play your vault tapes for content.

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