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How Did We Get President Trump?

Mitch hosts a round table on the Presidential election results–the how and the why with:

Adele M. Stan is a columnist for The American Prospect, and AlterNet‘s Washington editor.

Rick Perlstein, is the author of The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan. Before that, he published Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America (2008)

Bill Fletcher Jr, is a racial justice, labor and international activist, and author of “They’re Bankrupting Us!” And 20 Other Myths About Unions.

One response to “How Did We Get President Trump?

  1. Except for Mitch Jeserich’s question on his KPFA show about the DNC, I did not hear *any* *serious* review/”analysis” from any of today’s guest — Adele Stan, Rick Perlstein, & Bill Fletcher — about Hillary’s election loss. Which shows, that the Democrat elite/pundits who got us *into* this mess will not get us *out* of this mess. (The latter phrase, about the chronic thinking that gets us into a mess, is also adopting a lesser-known quote by Albert Einstein — besides about the insanity of doing the same adverse thing over & over again [like “lesser-evilism” politics].)

    First of all, Bill & Hillary Clinton ran on racial scapegoating in Bill’s first run for the presidency. The Clintons successfully tried to ‘Willie Hortonize’ the university-educated, internationally-traveled, progressive Black *&* womanist, then rapper, Sister Souljah. Of course, Adele Stan didn’t then & wouldn’t today have anything to say about that! And Bill Fletcher had nothing to say, back then, about it either! Nor, I bet, did Rick Perlstein.

    AND, back then, the Clintons said that the *ONLY* reason Black people were supporting & voting in the then primaries for Obama was because Obama was Black — and that the idea of a *Black* president then — as opposed to Hillary being the first woman president in her run — was “sheer fantasy”!

    Second, Adele Stan’s constant mantra, “the impact of misogyny.” That sounds like HIllary’s constant campaign mantra about “Putin”! Hillary was such an awful choice of the DNC and the Democrap elite that women voters, Republican, Democrat, independents, progressives, leftists, younger, older, white, Black, Brown, & Asian, anywhere from seriously *disliked*, to *despised*, to *hated* Hillary Clinton. No women in my household voted for Hillary — but here in California they *did* vote for Jill Stein.

    *But*, Adele…: Bill & Hillary Clinton had invited Donald Trump — the misogynist — to their only daughter’s/’child’s’ *wedding*!! Donald Trump was a Clinton family *friend*!! Trump’s daughters were good friends with *Clinton’s* daughter!

    Then another guest today said that if Burnie had been the Democrat nominee, then the Republicans would have engaged in constant red-baiting. *GEE*, who engaged in constant quasi-red-baiting but Hillary Clinton *herself*!: “It’s all *Putin’s* fault!; Donald is buds with *Putin*!; Donald is *Putin’s* ‘Manchurian candidate’!; Forget what my emails expose about me, it’s all *Putin* what done it.”

    Then we have the otherwise ostensible irony that Trump’s foreign military and foreign economic policy is far to the left of *Killary’s* — but *Trump’s* foreign and international economic policy is *ALSO* WHAT TRUMP’S SUPPORTERS VOTED FOR.

    *Killary* is the ‘NEOCON’ WAR *HAWK* — and Trump, at least by comparison, is the *DOVE*!!: *Killary* is pro-“regime change” that has left all those MIdeast countries almost totally *devasted*, collectively killed MILLIONS of people and created many MILLIOINS of abject refugees, and moreso created a vacuum for “*ISIS*”; *Killary* heartily laughed at the literally unspeakably savage murder of Qaddafi by the “democracy-loving” rebels who caught up with him; *Killary* wants to expand NATO to Russia’s doorstep and massive more U.S. spending on NATO; *Trump* wants to cut *back* on NATO and so many U.S. military bases all over the world; *Killary* wants to restart the Cold War against *both* Russia *&* China, both nuclear powers; *Hillary* is the one who can’t admit that the Iraq war was based on a *HUGE* lie; Tump wants to make *America* first, but Killary wanted to make *ISRAEL* first.

    *Hillary* is pro-, so-called, “free trade”. Trump is supposedly *anti*-“free trade”. And then there’s the Clinton Foundation.

    The DNC, & the Democrap party elites, & Democrap *pundits* — for trying to shove the presumed *CORONATION* of Killary Clinton, such a highly flawed candidate, right down our throats — and *SHEEPDOG* Burnie Sanders who corralled disaffected progressives & leftists right back to the Democrap party and, moreso, to Killary Clinton — directly have the responsible for this loss right at their feet. Such people will still now only engage in political *platitudes*, *triteness*, & *excuses*. The DNC cared more about the *CORONATION* of a neoliberal corporatist warmonger, Killary Clinton, rather than nominating a candidate who could much more easily win against **Trump**!!

    This also shows — after many, many years of warnings by *true* progressives/leftists — THE COMPLETE FAILURE of “lesser-evilism”, so-called, “progressives”, politics/”strategy” that finally “lesser-eviled” us right into Killary *&*, ultimately, Trump!

    So, we see that the Democrap elite & pundits that got us into this mess do not have the intellectual talent to get us *out* of it. Sadly funny that it was supposed to be the *Republican* party that would be left in disarray — but it’s turned out to be the *DEMOCRAP* party.


    Mitch, I request that you give your radio callers more than a mere *60* seconds — which forces callers to *rush* their thoughts and thus lose articulation/lucidity or forget important points they wanted to make, and leaves truly thinking & informed progressive/leftist activists (often your typical radio caller to a “progressive” radio station) really no time to ask *anything* substantively contextual. And it treats the guests like *oracles* upon high, ‘a priesthood within whom all knowledge resides’ and who can learn nothing from we mere grassroots progressive mortals, instead of the ‘oracles’ just being a more well-known &/or academically-credentialed *part* of the “progressive” thinking network.

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