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The 2024 White House Budget Request for the Border & The Trump’s Legal Cases

Part I. The WH Budget Request for the South Border 

Guest: Todd Miller is an independent journalist and author of several books including Border Patrol Nation, Storming the Wall, Empire of Borders, and his latest Build Bridges, Not Walls: A Journey to a World Without Borders.

His writings have been published in The New York Times, Tom Dispatch, The Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, In These Times, Guernica, Al Jazeera English, and Counterpunch. His latest pieces are From the Gazan Laboratory to the World’s Borders: A Conversation with Jeff Halper; and The Bipartisan Border Machine: Biden Never Really Stopped Building the Wall.


Part II. Trump’s Legal Cases

Guest: Caren Myers Morrison is associate professor of law at Georgia State University. She teaches Evidence and Criminal Procedure and served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of New York from 2001 to 2006, where she prosecuted international narcotics traffickers and organized crime.


Photo credit: Greg Bulla on Unsplash


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