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Russia-Ukraine clashes in the Azov. Then, The Latest on the Mueller investigation: Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about Moscow project

On Sunday there were skirmishes between naval ships in the Black Sea in which Russia seized three Ukrainian ships and detained 24 sailors. Ukraine responded by imposing martial law in provinces near the Russian border.  All this is happening in pre-election time in which the current Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko is behind in the polls. To learn more about the military and political developments between Ukraine and Russia we talk to Professor William Risch.

Guest: William Risch is associate professor of history at Georgia College. He is the author of the book The Ukrainian West: Culture and Fate of the Empire in Soviet Lviv


A discussion about the current situation with the Mueller investigation and Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about Moscow project.

Guest: Ken White is a former federal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and First Amendment Litigator at Brown White & Osborn LLP in Los Angeles. His podcast “Make No Law” explores the history of the First Amendment.



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