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The Democratic Party and A Trump Presidency

with Thomas Frank, is an American political analyst, historian, journalist, and columnist for Harper’s Magazine. He has written many books, his latest is Listen Liberal: or What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?.

  • LenW

    Would you please speculate on how Bernie Sanders have done in the election.
    I shudder to think of what Trump would have made of Bernie as an avowed
    Jewish Atheist Socialist.

  • SMH

    Unfortunately, Thomas never answered my question about Bernie as a “bait-&-switch” or “sheepdog” candidate designed to re-corral disaffected progressive Democrat voters back to the Democrat party — to ultimately be delivered to Hillary. –Mario from Berkeley

  • ex-guest

    “Mario”= Joeseph, banned years ago.

  • Nov. election was “the Waterloo of Clinton-ism.”
    Tom cites the late 1900s Democratic mantra, “They (voters who want change) have nowhere else to go (but with us, the DNC).” Frank says, “Well, they found somewhere else to go (and vote for change).”
    Based on 2016, DNC ideas of who the “swing voters” are, is completely mistaken.

    The Swing Voters are the white working class. Clintonism, Wall-Street-ism has done everything in its power to disorient, disenfranchise, belittle and ignore these folks.

    Their towns and infrastructure is falling apart. Their main industry is meth-amphetamine.

    Obama made Trumpism possible by allowing the big banks to be bailed out instead of underwater homeowners themselves. This is a big fact in assessing Obama’s legacy.

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