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Over the Edge: A Tribute to Don Joyce

Remembering Don Joyce and his art with Peter Conheim, a member of the band Negativland and Over the Edge.

Don Joyce was a preeminent innovator in the medium of radio and dedicated to his show which began on KPFA in 1981. This quote excerpted from an email from Don about Over the Edge pretty much sums it up, in his own words, “You’ll find I generally keep to my show (which I LOVE!) and don’t get too involved in station business, politics, or whatever. I’m sort of a social recluse, have a history in art/painting, and am in radio strictly for the art of it. That’s all I care about, live mix radio as audio art.” Joyce passed away on July 22nd. He was 71 years old.

And we’ll look at the money in the Presidential Primaries with Viveka Novak, editorial and communications director at the Center for Responsive Politics. 


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