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The History of NATO and Reagan Stopping Asylum Seekers in the 80’s

As the NATO Summit wrapped up this week, we talk to historian Andrew Bacevich about the history and future of NATO.

Guest: Andrew Bacevich, former Army Colonel and historian.  He is author of the book America’s War for the Greater Middle East.


The Trump administration is not the first to try to change the definition of people claiming asylum status.  It happened in the 1980s and it was also aimed at stopping people from Central America.

Guest: Carly Goodman is a historian of immigration and American foreign relations. She is a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and communications analyst at the American Friends Service Committee. Carly is the author of an oped in the Washington Post called Like Donald Trump Ronald Reagan Tried to Keep Out Asylum Seekers. Activists Thwarted Him.

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