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One Bright Shining Moment

In 1972, George McGovern was seen as a progressive long-shot to win the Democratic Presidential nomination. He did win, but then labor and traditional elements of the Democratic Party establishment turned against him, helping Nixon win in one of the most lopsided American Presidential races in history. We’ll be in conversation about that history and its relevance for Bernie Sanders with Stephen Vittoria. Vittoria is a documentary filmmaker and director of One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern. 

About the Film: 

The film chronicles the unsuccessful 1972 presidential campaign of Democratic U.S. Senator George McGovern.

The film is narrated by Amy Goodman, with appearances by figures such as feminist activist and journalist Gloria Steinem, historian Howard Zinn, author Gore Vidal, McGovern 1972 campaign manager Gary Hart, satirist-activist Dick Gregory, and George McGovern himself.

The film won the Jury Prize Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2005 Sarasota Film Festival.

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