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The Paper Edition: Syrians in Revolution and War

With Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami talking about the current situation in Syria.



Robin Yassin-Kassab is a media commentator on Syria and the Middle East and the author of the novel The Road From Damascus and contributor toSyria Speaks.  He co-authored with Leila Al-Shami the book “Buring Country: Syrians in Revolution and War.”

Leila Al-Shami is a founding member of Tahrir-ICN, a network that aims to connect antiauthoritarian struggles across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.


About the book: BurningCountry_Syria

Burning Country explores the complicated reality of life in present-day Syria with unprecedented detail and sophistication, drawing on new first-hand testimonies from opposition fighters, exiles lost in an archipelago of refugee camps, and courageous human rights activists. Yassin-Kassab and Al-Shami expertly interweave these stories with an incisive analysis of the militarization of the uprising, the rise of the Islamists and sectarian warfare, and the role of Syria’s government in exacerbating the brutalization of the conflict. Through these accounts and a broad range of secondary source material, the authors persuasively argue that the international community has failed in its stated commitments to support the Syrian opposition movements.

Covering ISIS and Islamism, regional geopolitics, new grassroots revolutionary organizations, and the worst refugee crisis since World War Two, Burning Country is a vivid and groundbreaking look at a modern-day political and humanitarian nightmare.

8 responses to “The Paper Edition: Syrians in Revolution and War

  1. Hey Mitch ,stooooooop calling the bloody barbarians as ISIS ,call them Daesh or ISIL ,those bloody murderers are neither Islamic or state ,their followers are bunch of stupid misled idiots who violate all rules and pillars of Islam murdering innocent civilians ,raping women ans children ,but ISIL leaders are paid agents for the U S and Israel .they are paid to continue the NEOCONS PNACERS to continue their long planed regime change which it began in invasion of Iraq based on lies.supplied money and arms to known terrorist to kill Gaddafe and did the same in Syria to topple Assad which resulted in the big bloody mess we have today with millions dead ,Iraq ,Libya ,and Syria destroyed and trillions of dollars of American people money was spend to shed blood across the whole middle east .all due to the stranglehold of the dual Israeli citizens ,the NEOCONS on the American government .

  2. The best thing the U S should do in the middle east now is to get their bloody hand and totally get out and leave ,let people of the middle east solve the problem the U S and the NEOCONS PNACERS created for the 25 years of bloody mess.

  3. Wow. That was a hard, painful hour. I much admire the way you hosted the two authors. I wonder what, if anything, would be the right thing now.

  4. The U S is occupied land ,it is occupied by the NEOCONS whose main loyalty lies with Israel ,they use the U S mighty army to enforce their regime change plans in the middle east and elsewhere in the world including Georgia and the Ukriane

  5. Hey Mitch stop talking about callers for show and policing the number of calls and putting women ahead ,all of that sound terrible and unattractive.

  6. While the bogus Muslims ISIL destroyed several countries in the middle east including Iraq ,Libya ,and Syria ,murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians ,they never fired single shot at Israel which committing genocide against the Palestinians ,butchering innocent women ,men ,children ,and babies every day…..That by itself should tell you who is in charge of this bloody murderers.

  7. Heard the guest go on about the lack of jobs, the stagnant political economy, and general dissatisfaction of the Syrian people. Every single statistic applies equally to the United States. What a bunch of bogus propaganda! to quote the guest: “The US is not a major player in Syria” PLEASE MITCH — don’t put this BS on the air. The guests conveniently overlook the FACT that Russia was invited to Syria by its legitimate government, while the USA is is Syria IN VIOLATION of international law. These guests were just propagandists for US intervention (while never actually saying that) going on about how the left media is biased. Yes, it is biased – The left media fails to mention that the Syrian refugee crisis only started AFTER the USA began bombing the people of Syria. Then, amazing the guy starts BSing about how Syria is *not* part of the global “chess game of states” (to quote him), then he ignores his own point to segue way into statements about how Iran is involved, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and so many other countries are involved. Perhaps he didn’t notice that those countries that are definitely part of the chess game of states.

  8. Then they say that they don’t want US intervention, BUT they really do want lots and lots of US weapons. Lots more than Syria has been getting, and who cares if the weapons fall into the hands of Daesh? That is what those guests were saying. Mitch — really — please don’t spread more war-mongering against the people of Syria.

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