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International Women’s Day Special: “Two Revolutions, Many Secrets” and The State of Farm Laborer Women Today – March 8, 2020

this episode is no longer available

A day of special programming of, by, and for women on International Women’s Day.

4pm-4:30pm: “Two Revolutions, Many Secrets” Host/Producer: Chana Wilson

In this show, we hear the stories of two women refugees. One fled Shanghai during Mao’s Chinese revolution. The other, Chana’s grandmother, escaped the Bolshevik Revolution and Ukranian Pogroms. Both had secrets they held onto for many years until, in an extraordinary turn of events, they each opened up to their children and grandchildren.

4:30pm-5pm: “The State of Farm Laborer Women Today” Host/Producer: Sara Blanco

In honor of International Women’s Day, Sara brings us a compilation of sounds that reflect the state of farm laborer women today. You will hear from numerous farm worker activists, some of whom worked in the fields or who worked in agriculture related jobs. In addition, you will hear reporting from grassroots journalists and documentarians.



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