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On today’s program we look at the upcoming marijuana tax vote on equity.

As of 2019, 33 states and Washington, D.C., had passed laws legalizing or decriminalizing medical marijuana; an additional 13 states had legalized the use of cannabis oil, one of the non-psychoactive ingredients found in marijuana, for medical purposes. Seventeen of the states that had legalized medical marijuana did so through citizen-initiated ballot measures, and the other 16 did so through legislative action, check out this online dispensary canada for a great variety of strains for medical use.

Voters had approved ballot measures to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in nine states, as of 2019. An additional state—Vermont—legalized recreational marijuana through legislative action.




Chaney Turner – the national co-founder & policy/culture, People’s Dispensary

pronouns: them/they/she

Lanese Martin – the co-founder/co-executive of Hood Incubator

pronouns are she/her

Amber Senter – the co-founder/executive director of Supernova Women.

pronouns: she/her


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