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INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY – Special Fund Drive Programming

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On today’s show we’ll look at the film, TAKING ALCATRAZ. The film explores the events that led up to the 1969 Native American occupation of Alcatraz Island as told by principal organizer, Adam Fortunate Eagle. The story unfolds through Fortunate Eagle’s remembrances, archival footage and photographs. Also appearing in the film is John Trudell, LaNada Means, Earl Livermore and Stella Leach. 
On November 20, 1969 a group of Native Americans landed on Alcatraz Island and claimed it as their own. They stayed for 19 MONTHS. While the media reported every move and the government fought to stop them, families moved in, thousands of supporters visitied or sent supplies, and drums beats far into the night. After centuries of seeing their land stolen from them, Native Americans seized the rocky island and held on to it. Alcatraz became a symbol of hope, inspiration and change for Indian people everywhere. 40-minutes. Director: John Ferry Writer: Grace De Soto Ferry Star: John Ferry.


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