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A History of Boogaloo with Jerry Rente and Will Randolph

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When most people talk about Hip Hop Dance, they think of what is known as B-Boying but commonly known as break dancing in the mainstream.  They think of people of doing elaborate spins on their backs or highly choreographed, robotic, strutting, clay-mation type movements that defy what many have imagined our bodies could do.

Most people think that  because the term Hip Hop is attached to these various dance styles that they’ve originated from New York City. In reality the dances known as Boogalooing, Roboting and Strutting  have their roots three thousand miles away in the Bay Area going back to the 1960s.  Their origins predate the birth of Hip Hop in New York in the 1970s.

Instead of bongo heavy break-beats that became a signature sound for early Hip Hop, the choice of music for many of the Bay Area’s pioneering street dancers was bass laden funk music.

Pioneering street dancers Jerry Rente and Will Randolph stopped by to discuss the history of Bay Area boogaloo and it’s influence on world-wide dance culture. The two gentlemen also talk about their upcoming event at Malanga Center on Thursday July 14th.

The Groups:

One Plus One Pre 70 (originators of the Dynorama Style of Boogaloo) Jerry Rente

Black Resurgents 1970 (Steppers and stepping style of Boogaloo) Will Randolph was an original member

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