Full Circle

Full Circle – September 9, 2016

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Tonight on Full Circle hosts Freewillin Frank Sterling and David de la Gran, introduce you to the moving documentary, A Place at the Table directed by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush. The filmmakers travel throughout the US and introduce us to families in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Mississippi who struggle to put food on their tables.

According to the Department of Agriculture, 50 Million people experience “food insecurity.” Mississippi has the highest rate of food insecurity and obesity. In other places, food deserts prevent families from purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables. Food experts say that the cost of fresh fruit has increased by 40 percent since 1980, while the cost of processed foods has declined by the same amount.

The producers and director explore the challenges community organizations face as they attempt to provide for the increasing number of people in need, while the government continues to take away funding from programs that support these family services.

Tonight on Full Circle Frank and David speak with Shaniece Alexander of the Oakland Food Policy Council. Although A Place at the Table was released in 2013, they will discuss the relevance of the film today and what policies need to change and what we as a community can do to help those experiencing food insecurity.

In addition to our discussion about the documentary, we will ask you for your continued support of KPFA and the First Voice Apprenticeship Media Program. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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