The Pentagon and NGO’s for Spying. Randy Credico In Studio

_79532943_gchq_apToday on Flashpoints: An-in depth look at how the US Pentagon uses NGO’s for spying, covert action, and intelligence gathering. And the dangers of this wide-ranging program. Also we’ll take a close look at the proactive incursion of the US Destroyer, Larsen into the South China Sea. And we’ll have a rare in-studio visit from our anti-police violence warrior and resident satirist, Randy Credico

  • Democrocernus

    I love your show, always have. But…KPFA always frames China in a golden light for some unknown and mysterious reason–i have lived in China ten years. It is not innocent at all. The Spratley islands are right on the coast of the Philippines –right there–far far far far far away from China. This is an enclosed area. China can’t claim land in the Philippines–you cant claim 2nd century–that was ancient times that no one knows anything about–Zionists make the same claims about Palestine. Regardless of intention–the US is absolutely right about freedom of navigation–only if the Philippines turn us out should we be concerned about this–it is clearly Philippines territory. China is not innocent here. They are bullies in this region. They are despised by everyone in this region. I live in China–they are quite bullying in all regards. Unforgiving. Uncompromising–worried about face always!

    In modern times–and that’s important–the US has always been here–this is a major thruway. China has NO right to build on these islands or shoo anyone away. The Parasols are clearly in Vietnamese waters. It is not just about the pacific pivot–YOU are making it about that. Do you get money from China? You both claim 1949 as your birthday. You are always kowtowing to CHINA. You should be as objective as you are with American injustice. But time and time again you bow to Chinese absurdities.

    Yes, you are right, there is tremendous animosity between Japan and China. Dead Japanese did terrible things. And their grandchildren should apologize. However, living in china i hear disgusting remarks everyday–I’ve had students tell me they would rape and murder every Japanese person and their dogs. literally. And the anti-Japanese propaganda in China is blatant and rampant (imagine how that feels to all the Japanese living here) TV is nothing except Chinese killing Japanese and all cartoons for toddlers paint Japanese as little demons. The Chinese are extremely racist against all other Asians–demeaning to all south east Asians–they think they are lesser beings. This belief is reflected in their business in the region. It is NOT honest to paint the US as a villain in all interactions (and they usually are) and at the same time always paint China as an innocent victim. They are NO victim. And quite frankly i don’t want there policies of earth-hatred exported to the world. They have no concern for the environment–NONE.! especially not in non-Chinese territories or foreign lands. Their academic and business transactions are also less than honest.(that’s a lack of integrity) I am sorry but that is the truth. Even the Chinese are in a big hurry to get out of china–because of the stubborn authoritarian culture, the hostility to humanity, and the pollution–and the economy mantra. Many Chinese hate themselves for everything i have said and say we cant change–this is a huge reason why they are all fleeing to the west.

    Consider Cuba or Haiti. Do We Americans have the right to demonize and abuse Cuba or Haiti? Do we have the right to claim sovereign rights over these nations or interfere in their politics? NO. We do not. And you will agree with me. But when it comes to China interfering in Spratley islands and claiming sovereignty –the Philippines–you side with China. Don’t do that. Don’t betray our principles just to cozy up to the former communist nation of china–they are not communist and never really were. It’s dishonest and bad journalism. I am a huge fan but this makes me question your integrity. Are they giving you money? I see myself as a global citizen. I am totally neutral when it comes to national affairs–i have to do this in the classroom as well. You are not being fair here.

  • Democrocernus

    are you going to tell me that the Philippines haven’t been fishing on these islands for thousands of years–only the Chinese–rubbish. i am willing to bet the Chinese were shooed out of these islands 2000 years ago as well. only the Chinese used force against the islanders to make their ridiculous claims–guaranteed. China has NO right–NONE in these islands. sorry. Talk about greed–they don’t have enough land–they need to take what little bit these islanders have. the Philippines don’t have nearly the resources china does but china wants to take everything that doenst belong to them. look at Korea. china consistently fishes in Korean waters–in sight of land and then boards Korean vessels and viciously attacks them when Koreans try to protect their waters their fish. Korea is a small place too. china is greed incarnate and so very stubborn–hard headed. they think the world belongs to them and they are very racist. A fair jury would easily see the imbalance here. china has land–they should stick to it. they are surrounded by islands–sovereign nations whose only source of civilization comes from th esea–china has no right to it outside its ten-50 mile maritime border. these island nations have rights to the sea. china has its won land. which by the way does not include tibet, Xinnjiang, or inner mongolia but we will let those people decide..

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