California Wildfires Still Burning Out of Control.

San Diego,CA.,October 26, 2007–Northern California fire crew works into the night clearing fireline and monitoring the backburn that was set to stop the Poomacha fire from advancing westward. Currently the fires in Southern California have burned more than 355,000 acres.
Andrea Booher/FEMA

Today on Flashpoints: Wildfires still burning out of control in Northern and Southern California. We’ll feature an special update with Flashpoints Senior Producer, Miguel Gavilan Molina, who lives just outside of Santa Rosa. We’ll also speaks with author and filmmaker Stephen Most, who is working on a new film called Wilder Than Wildfire: Forests & The Future. And D’andre Harris who was jumped by white supremacists in Charlottesville, is now being charged by one of them for felony assault.

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