Trumps Hugs Former Comfort Woman in S. Korea. More protests in Catalonia

Today on Flashpoints: Trump in Asia for quadrilateral talks with South Korea, Japan and China. Also, major protest in Catalonia today: we have a live report back from the ground, from inside the Free Catalonia Movement

  • Caleb Bain

    What song was that at the break?

  • John Ellis

    Save the world from violence — Castrate Spain and Empire USA

    If the states of Catalonia and California were to gain their independence, such a blow would it be to the brutal imperialism of Spain and Empire USA, that the greatest cause of oppression and violence to harmless nations would to a major extent be castrated powerless.

    For peace loving Catalonia wants freedom from the invasion and occupation of Spain that started in 1939, socialist Venezuela wants freedom from a brutal regime change imposed on it by expansion crazy USA and the world needs to organize against such violence.

    For where is the logic of allowing Spain to get away with a violent invasion and occupation of Catalonia that has continued nonstop since 1939? First it was the Army of Franco, then in 1978 when a fascist Constitution was created by Franco politicians and now when a fascist Constitutional Court makes it a crime to even vote for changing the Constitution.

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