Lebanese Prime Minister Resigns. An Interview w/ Dr. Mustafa Barghouti & more…

Today on Flashpoints: The Lebanese prime minister resigns in absentia from a hotel in Saudi Arabia amidst a massive shake-up in the Saudi Government. Also, well be joined by Palestinian human right leader, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti about the devastating effects of the Balfour Declaration, signed a hundred years ago this month. And the New York times and the New McCarthyism with Robert Parry.

  • John Ellis

    Logically, there can only be one purpose for Empire Israel, Saudi Arabia USA having a destiny to reach their ultimate conclusion. Namely, to show what happens when democracy is the 51% most wealthy and greedy owning all the land, wealth, political power and healthcare.

  • John Ellis

    Why do the nobility of Empire USA order Israel to be a terrorist state?

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