Flashpoints – June 21, 2016

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  • AnnGarrison

    What, Norman Solomon, do you expect to come of your demanding to be heard and speaking truth to power? Why would she have any reason to listen after she’s elected so long as your first principle is supporting whatever corporate warmongering Democrat the party nominates every four years?

  • TakeTheRedPill

    Norman Solomon tells KPFA listeners to hold their nose and vote for Killary! REALLY!!!! Are you kidding me! Killary is a Neocon and Neoliberal. Don’t believe me? Go read articles on Killary at Robert Parry’s excellent site Consortium News.

    Good grief. The Democrap party needs to go the way of the Whigs. The sooner the better. Bernie’s treatment by the DLC during the Primary should be proof enough to any thinking human that the Democrap leadership has no interest in a “Progressive” platform.

    Note to Dennis and KPFA. Do NOT try to sheep dog your listeners into voting for Killary- the more effective evil. Please invite Robert Parry, Chris Hedges or Jill Stein herself to explain why voting for the more effective evil will only prolong and deepen the suffering of everyone except the 1% and the cadre or traitors who protect them.

  • SMH

    The Democrat party, the loyal Democrat voters, the repeatedly sheep-herded Democrat party voters, are *repeatedly* responsible for the continual lesser-evilism that we increasingly find so very desperate today! Why should the Democrat party pay any serious attention to voters that hold themselves hostage to the Democrat party, if they Democrat party knows that we’re gonna even hold our noses and *repeatedly* vote for them anyway. The only way that the Democrat party is going to listen to anti-neoliberal, anti-war, anti-restarting the *Cold* War, is by COSTING THE DEMOCRATS ELECTIONS — and either voting for a *credible* Green party candidate (and not a squiggly Democrat-lite infiltrator, like once that one guy was, I forgot his immemorable name), or just staying home! The Democrats (Hillary) don’t care if you hold your nose and vote for them (her), as long as you vote them back in!

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