Radial Queer Perspective on The Orlando Shooting and more…


Today on Flashpoints: Why is the Orlando shooter branded as a Muslim
Instead of a Homophobe? Also, Professor Vijay Prashad talks about the
confused declarations of support by the shooter: which group did he
really support: Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, or the Islamic State: could it be
all three

2 responses to “Radial Queer Perspective on The Orlando Shooting and more…

  1. Love this discussion! Any way for these to have transcripts? these conversations need to be accessible to everyone.

  2. This was a fabulous and insightful program. As a radical queer feminist activist in San Francisco, these conversations are so important to have in order to shift the narrative that is fueling the long and vicious cycle of historic structural violence and oppression. Here in San Francisco we are planning a creative response highlighting the points raised in your program. I also really appreciate hearing Sam’s media activism around the Madrid bombing distorted by NPR. I was just talking with friends about the Madrid bombing and Spain’s wise response to the attack before I listened to this program. Excellent!

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