Oliver Stone: Exclusive Interview With Flashpoints

Today on Flashpoints: Academy Award-winning Filmmaker,
Oliver Stone talks about his new four part interview series with
Vladimir Putin. Also, former CIA analyst, Mel Goodman and Daniel
Ellsberg in conversation in Berkeley

One response to “Oliver Stone: Exclusive Interview With Flashpoints

  1. Wonderful show with Oliver! We gotta stop thinking of Russia as the USSR! It’s ridiculous and dangerous.. And childish. As though we don’t know our OWN history in other nations affairs…. Whose the barbarian here? Have you seen Russia do any of the sh*t that we do? They have 2 military bases outside their own country – we’ve got 1000+…. get real.
    Oh yeah – let’s see some evidence of all this ‘hacking’… same amount of evidence we got on the MH 17….
    These people who lie like this are PSYCHOPATHS. We live in a pathocracy. Study it (Political Ponerology) and how THEY can turn your mind into theirs.
    And please pronounce it Putin.. not POOTEEN….

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