Pacific Pivot Update. Harvey Wasserman on Election Protection


Today on Flashpoints: We’ll examine the recent decision by the International Court of Arbitration on the dispute between China and the Philippines, in regards to which country controls a series of Islands in the South China Sea. Also, we’ll report on the recent decision by South Korea to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System, which China has warned them to not deploy. And Harvey Wasserman helps us imagine as alternative new way of voting in local and national elections that both protects the vote and brings young people and older people together.

  • Legion

    I am a big fan of the show, a radical progressive, a Green voting for Jill Stein. I have to say your guest is way off the mark and advocating FALSEHOODS. I live in China. I have lived here fore ten years–all over china–jus to live in Beijing is quite frankly–ignornat and sheltered. One living in Beijing knows little about China.

    Your guest sounds like he works of the fraudulent Chinese fascist-Capitalist Party.
    He fails to mention the Chinese have used force–fisherman are quite belligerent with other Asian fisherman–and have dumped loads of chemicals int he waters in Philllipine waters to prevent Philippines form fishing in the area. An environomnmental disaster.

    Your guest fails to mention the sovereignty and grievances of the south asian nations. And his analogies about the Mason dixon are ABSURD! JUST F—ABSURD!. THESE A INTERNATIONAL WATERS. NOT CHINESE WATERS. There ae many other nations here. And you can’t claim island directly off th coast of the Philippines. These islands clearly belong to the Philippines.

    You say the las thing they want is war–that tis not entirely true. they are designing aircraft carriers. the separately island and the parasols are for oil drilling and submarine bases. They have increasing commerce all over the world–and they intend to protect–that i exactly y how america became a militant power. In China–they are extremely ethnocentric–they can not have reasonable discourse over Korea, japan, or the other asians. and must be always right. There is a fierce anti-japanaese sentiment, esp, among the military. There have been violent protests in china over japan–where protesters vandalized japan cars all over china. I have had student write me letters telling me they would kill whole japans families rape them ll and the dog–this they wrote to their teacher. I have had many many students in the course of ten years with unhealthy obsession with Nazis. At three students with that took the English name Nazi. and when asked who would they most want to die with in history–many say Hitler or other known cruel emperors in China. They are normally peaceful but they have an insecurity complex that drives them to respect force and power and make no mistake f they had the might they would want revenge on Japan and they would violently force their unreasonable claims and interests around the world. They have NO tradition of democracy and disdain it. in a conversation or debate they are belligerent–and stubborn, and can to compromise–unless they lose face. They will make irrational claims. in the street they uses violence–hitting each other like children on a playground afraid to fight. Chinese fisherman are known to buy Korean fisherman in Korean waters–boarding and attacking Koreans with deadly fishing hooks and farm tools. and they have killed. Look at the map. China has no right to claim all the waters between Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines–NO RIGHT. These are sovereign countries with little land and resources compared to the colossal china–how much more does China need. Ask their neighbors–tChina has a long imperial trident of bullying and are doing so economically and without reason–motivated by greed and disgusting environmental disdain.

    This show is completely unfair and bas–your guest is not objective. Interview citizens, experts,and foreigners living in other Asian countries and get the real scoop. His sophism about land sovereignty and maritime sovereignty is absolute rubbish. The islands clearly oblong to the Philippines. and the seas belong to all southeast asian nations and the world–if these nations would permit us in the sea–it is very enclosed.
    South Korea has the right to protect it self form a the mad man in the north. I don nutlike american games we can pick and choose when to support the UN–especially when the US refuses to acknowledge it–and then rubbish the UN when we want to be anti-US policy, I am sorry, what ever the fascist US movies might be–they are right in this context. And this is one of the few things they are right about it. China is not changer-la. it time for KPfA to recognize that. I am very critical of the uS and China because they are the biggest bullies on the block. be fair now. get a grip. Try doing any kind of negotiations in China–there is none and they have mastered intimidation tactics–and thug tactics in the street. twenty men cam to my door in 2008 to ask me if i was going to Beijing for the Olympics. thugs.

    I am disappointed to say the least about this show.
    bring on alternative objective views please.

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