Bernie Sanders encore broadcast

bs2We present an encore rebroadcast of a recent Speech By Senator Bernie Sanders

2 responses to “Bernie Sanders encore broadcast

  1. Whe you want to bomb Israel into oblivion –that’s extremism!!

    Shame Mr Berstein.
    Interview Jill Stien Please. Bernie is on KPFA o ever show every day and the entire progressive media–but no Green Party. Are you underwritten by the Democratic Party?

    If One Tea Bag Koch brother libertarian fascist comes to KPFA –can he change th emission fo KPFA–re you all going to radically switch to the Republican Party politics–start having Rush on…?

    Bernie cant change the corporation called the Dem party. They nominate a candidate. they wont choose some one against them.

    He just said–yo need a grassroots movement–obama said the same thing–the grassroots movement is in the green party–organized–revolutionary. where is the coverage?

    you are the journalists–investigate–dont wait for Stein to come to you–you don’t seem to mind helping Bernie out. I am sorry but Bernie will–WILL hate on Palestine. bombs will fall!

    Thought experiment: where did Hitler come from? how did come to power? what was the political and economical climate like? HItler created jobs, cars, health care–many may social programs for the people–war came later–and terror. What if? No, hear me out, what if our Hitler didnt rise form the tea bags but on the left instead–and who better to support him–but all of us on the margins who think are getting a progressive president. Tread lightly with Bernie. Dont make me say i told you so.

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