Allan Nairn on Guatemala’s Death Squads and more…

kaibilesToday on Flashpoints: Noted journalist Allan Nairn talks about the recent arrests of death quad leaders in Guatemala: Also, we take a close look at Hillary Clinton’s claims about Obamacare vs, single payer.

  • dahszil

    France would be a better comparison than Canada. Every year they are ranked number one by the WHO.
    Efficiency is important but even more important is thorough care for the guy on the street to millionaires. And France is as up to date on the cutting edge of new medical tech and procedures or even more so than the US. Per Capita the France NHS is about a third the cost of the US system. The only thing they contract out to private sector is managing the paper work. So in France when you got into a clinic, office or hospital you see more medical personell and less paper pushers. The French system has very little bureacracy. In the US you have a huge bureacracy mostly the private insurances and also the equally convoluted medicare and medicaid. Doctors in France may make somewhat less than American doctors but they don’t have to pay for malpractice insurance, the clerical paper pushers, and so on. In France doctors regard themselves as healers and public servants, not businessmen as they have to be in the USA, and they are highly respected by the French society. While the general rule is that foreigners must pay, I have know several Americans who went to French doctors, clinics or emergency rooms and their doctors just told them they were free to go, they didn’t have to pay.

    In France it is the Doctors, nurses and other medical personell who decide how long or short the visit and how thorough the care should be, not bureacratic pucblic or private time or resource limits. of course you can open a private practice for profit as a doctor but you will have to deal and pay for all the legal and paper work bullshit

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