In Depth Discussion on Lead Poisoning and more…


Today on Flashpoints: An in depth interview with one of the leading experts on the impacts of lead poisoning on humans. We’ll discuss the history of how lead paint was mainlined into the bloodstreams of Americans, as a result of pure corporate greed. Also, the last of the white supremacists confederates surrender to the feds with their tales tucked between their legs. And The Biggz Beat returns with a few tails from gentrification city.

  • JoeyMrt

    Insightful commentary about the gay bus rider. It’s true, the rider shouldn’t have reverted to the offensive ‘brawny black man’ stereotype. And it could be true the gay man represents gentrification. But let’s not ignore the real problem of black male homophobia against gay men, which can be especially fierce. Gay men owe it to black men to build bridges, of course, but let’s be sensitive to the impact sustained over time when gay men, many of whom are black, are verbally abused by black men to an alarming degree, which some studies attribute to a complex mix of rigid gender roles and the frustration of generations of repression.

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