Norman Solomon on Putin & The Election. New Electronic Intifada Podcast

Today on Flashpoints: An extended dialogue with media activist and
RootsAction co-founder Norman Solomon on the phony blame Putin
movement, being fostered by the Clinton Democrats. Also we’ll feature the Latest installment of the Electronic Intifada with Nora Barrows Friedman

  • Burnis Tuck

    Wonderful inspirational and enlightening program today, Dennis! Norman Solomon warning progressives about jumping on the anti-Putin bandwagon, Mohamed Omar talking about the horrific challenges to life in Gaza, and Jordan Flaherty in the great Electronic Intifada podcast, all really lifted my spirits which have been way down of late. It’s tempting to look at the current scene and say screw it, I’m just doing my thing, but these folks inspire to keep up the work, get out into the streets and find cohorts. Really great show!

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