Hurricane Harvey & It’s Massive Environmental Damage

Today on Flashpoints, we devote the entire hour to the massive environmental disaster unfolding in the region of Houston, Texas resulting from Hurricane Harvey. First up we speak with Houston University professor Robert Buzzanco about the city of Houston’s history of putting profits before the public interest. Then we check in with the New Republic’s Emily Atkin who’s been following the release of chemical agents into the Houston area since the storm hit. Then we speak with Nancy Loeb, the Director of the Environmental Advocacy Center at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law about the innumerable so-called Superfund toxic waste cleanup sites throughout the Houston area and how they are being affected by the floods. Finally, we talk with Yvette Arellano who is a Research Fellow with the Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services also known as Tejas, about the impact of the release of toxic chemicals into the environment on local communities.

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