More Attacks on BDS. Duopoly In The US and more….


Today on Flashpoints…activists critical of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine speak out about the move to silence them in State Legislatures across the country with the latest attack against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement underway in California, Fadi Saba of the Defending Dissent Foundation joins us, then we speak with author Dave Gillespie about Duopoly in the United States and how the Democrats, Republican and the media are stifling democracy, finally Sam Husseini of votepact.org presents a unique alternative for those wanting to break out of the traditional two-party rut

  • David Reinertson

    If KPFA listeners vote for a third party, they are simply helping the right wing. You may disagree with democrats and liberals on some points, but if you think there’s no difference between the left and the right, please check the websites of the Democratic and Republican candidates. Check the Supreme Court decisions made by the 5:4 Republican judges against those make when the Democrats decide.
    The show suggests that we would be better off with more parties because Canada has more parties. Canada has a parliamentary system. That means if your small party gets 5% of the vote, they get 5% of the parliament, and your 5% get to vote for laws and Prime Ministers. In this country, if your party gets 5% of the vote, the Democratic party candidate loses, and the Republican wins. Simple as that.
    Asking for a “creative” way to “break the two-party duopoly” means simply changing the Constitution to a Parliamentary system.
    Electing the worst possible candidate by voting for a third party doesn’t change the Constitution. Pretending that it does change the Constitution is a mistake.

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