The Latest Election Crimes Bulletin Returns

Today on the Show: A special edition of the Election Crimes Bulletin as the Atlanta DA goes full force, pulls out all the stops against Trump and company, with a devastating Rico suit. The kick-butt suit sends former Trump Chief of staff, Mike Meadows heading for an escape hatch. Also Flashpoints Senior producer, Kevin Producer recalls the tragic high profile murderer of Haitian Human Rights visionary priest, Father Jean-Marie Vincent 30 years ago, even as  another priest was murdered in Haiti over the weekend for protesting against the US empowered gangs that rule the streets there


Artist Song Album Label
Arling & CameronMilano CoolMusic For Imaginary FilmsWMG - Ryko/Rhino
Cirque du Soleil,Robert Stanley,Richard Beaudet,Paul Picard,René Dupéré,Luc Gilbert,Francine PoitrasSanzaNouvelle ExperienceORCHARD - Cirque Du Soleil