Int’l Markets Meltdown With US Stocks. Haiti Update and more…

SMToday on Flashpoints, international markets are experiencing a meltdown with US stocks having lost an estimated 25% of their value this year. We talk with historian and author Alice O’Connor about what that means for most of us. Then we continue our coverage of Haiti and the response of political parties there to the US Embassy and the Organization of American States signing off on flawed parliamentary elections held on August 9. Next, we look at US policy in the pacific and its influence on the on again off again diplomatic spats between North and South Korea. Finally, we are joined by the author of a new report focusing on the phenomena of mass shootings in the world. I’ll let you guess which country is considered in a “league of its own” and leads the world in mass shootings. That’s right, the good ole’ US of A.

  • steve moyers

    I don’t know where you get the 25%. The DOW was @ 17823 and change DEC 31 2014 15666 Aug 25 retaining 87.8% of value, s&p retained 96% NASDAQ UP 2%. And then to hold capitalism in derision and have a good giggle with the professor who just seemed to mumble her way through a litany of gibberish, spending money on “infrastructure” to create jobs, by who, the government? Taxing money away from people who disparately need to save, offering little if any interest on saving, government squandering money on every conceivable hair brain scheme and intervention. I’m sorry KPFA has fallen so low.

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