30 Seconds To Midnight. Koreas Update and more…

Today on Flashpoints: US carrier group heading for the Koreas as Trump
raises the noise of his saber rattling against the north. Also, we’ll
preview, “Thirty Seconds to Midnight” a new film by Regis Tremblay,
which traces US and Western European history from the 15th century
onwards tracing American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, capitalism,
the neocons, the Pacific Pivot all the way to the TPP.  Also, “Trump
Should Rethink Syria Escalation”, according to a statement released by
a group of prominent former intelligence and other officials. And
RootsAction co-founder Norman Solomon warns that Trump is Plunging
Toward World War III

  • Gee! I can’t wait to see what Bob has to say! lol Yo, KPFA. Thank you Dennis for being there for all of us who crave honesty and who maintain a loving kinship to our Mother Earth. ‘Been an avid listener for over 12 years, but due to an unbelievable poverty trip – we at the camp haven’t been able to contribute financially. But I efn’ can write! A Green Artisans, Rockin’ Music Blog is all I got! DENNIS BERNSTEIN ROCKS! (Tent life is soooooo hard, but we do what we have to do.) How’s Berkeley these days? Haven’t heard from Wavy lately. Is he okay? Love from all of us Human Beings still here and alive, in the Beautiful Sonoran Desert – under MAJOR corporate attack.

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