Exploration – January 19, 2016

Aging ProcessThe science of the aging process, with guest: Dr. Jay Olshansky.

Hosted by Michio Kaku.

  • Democrocernus

    I am not convinced by Jay’s argument that this is a great thing for the economy and society. I think the opposite. I think it will be a horrible dystopia. It will prevent the old form retiring and freeing up jobs for college grads and young people. the old will maintain all jobs in management, leadership, politics…everything. emboldening our class hierarchy, creating stagnation and less socioeconomic mobility, not more—but far less maybe none. Our politics, our society is f–up because of the dinosaurs that refuse to grieve up power or change or grow. What about the people who suffer so much now–with unemployment, homelessness, on verge of homelessness.? Would they have to live inn eternal suffering–hell! No–because only the rich will be able to afford this drug/remedy/therapy and that’s what it will be designed for. Oh, brave new world! The f–baby boomers destroyed the planet –looted and it made themselves ich and now f-the rest of us–there no jobs, they’re not coming back, and the Chinese are buying up America. no houses–mountains of debt for us. thanks a lot -f…kers

    I want to live forever–but in a our uber-capitalist society where the rich rul all–oyu would create hell on earth. where the underclass dies young, and the over-class lives forever–with ultimate power. this is their plan. f–them!

    First you must change the system–we need a green socialist economy where every one is guarantied a decent job and housing and health care and education and pure water and air. Capitalism is evil. corporatism is pure evil. These f–ckers engineered the system to benefit them and are actively dismantling all institutions and movements and laws that foster equality, jobs, dignity, and education. Off with their f—ing heads!

    if billionaires extend their life letting the rest of us rot–i will shoot them in the head like a f–zombie! and burn the body so it cant come back!

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