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Gun Violence

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The US scourge of gun violence continues to destroy lives. Mass shootings have become normalized. Suicide by firearms continues to be the leading type of gun violence. States with the highest rates of gun ownership continue to have the highest rates of gun deaths. Most women AND men killed by guns are killed by men with guns. African Americans and Latinos continue to be disproportionate victims of gun violence usually at the hands of other African Americans and Latinos and of course this has led to police shooting people without any accountability.

This is the madness of gun violence in the US. Now we learn the National Rifle Association was targeted by Russian operatives as a portal to accessing power in D.C. with the Maria Butina case.

Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director of the Violence Policy Center in Washington, D.C., will join us on El Show today to discuss the VPC’s latest publication and make sense of the senselessness that passes for gun policy in the US.

Hosted by Andres Soto.


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