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Discussing the Development of White Allies

Three professors discuss the development of white allies in a wide-ranging conversation with Host Kitty Kelly Epstein: Dr. Diana Waters is at the Philadelphia Center; Dr. Laura Smith is at Columbia University; and Dr Carla Sherrell is at Naropa University in Colorado.

  • White supremacy (i.e. KKK, skin heads, etc) existed well before Trump, but I didn’t see such a large media presence on this matter until now. How much attention did this “problem” get during the Obama administration? True white supremacy, that which suggests a certain race, in this case, white, are superior, only exists as a super-minority. Most hate groups, in fact, are run by morons or federal law enforcement, throughout the history of the country.

    You look at your common US citizen, we pretty much work good together. It takes a large event like these hurricanes to show how so many of us will help each other at the drop of a dime, when we need the most.

    The prison population I agree with is horrible, but its based on the drug war, which should be abolished.

    As for the so-called wage gap, if you look at the numbers, Asians have a much higher wage and income gap, even from whites. If we are going to have a discussion about wages, then perhaps we need to discuss inner-city education, pregnancies, marriage, jobs and social establishment. In general, its not the “white” person who is keeping a black person from gaining a better life. Essentially you need to at least finish high school, get a full-time job and wait until age 21 to get married and have children.

    Many programs in this country, like Eugenics (which is now Planned Parenthood) has done a far greater harm than perhaps any other so-called inner-city program. The central banking system, or Federal Reserve is another problem with other far-reaching issues which tends to get overlooked.

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