Education Today

Education Today – April 24, 2015

Host Kitty Kelly Epstein talks with Dr. Sheryl Lutjens, a scholar who has studied Cuban education in person for 20 years.  What is unique about its educational system?  What happens in Cuba that produces results which observers from all political viewpoints, say are the best in Latin America, despite  U.S. sanctions?  Education Today is a radio show hosted by Kitty Kelly Epstein, and airs on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the Month.

Education Today covers contemporary education issues with host, Kitty Kelly Epstein.  Guests include noted academics like Michelle Fine, Alfie Kohn, and Yohuru Williams; innovators like Kalimah Priforce; community organizers like Robbie Clark and grassroots teachers, parents and students. We look at school closures, standardized testing, and unacknowledged racism in school policies.  We also look at progressive initiatives like Ethnic Studies for all, and the Oakland Street Academy.  And sometimes we talk with listeners by phone.  Join us.

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