Letters and Politics

A Discussion on Hillary Clinton and Feminism – June 9, 2016

Today we host a political round table discussion on Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman to be a major party presidential candidate, the Democratic Primary process itself, Donald Trump and feminism.

Then, gay and lesbian rights in America with Stephen M. Engel author of the book Fragmented Citizens: The Changing Landscape of Gay and Lesbian Lives.



Segment 1

Adele Stan with the American Prospect Magazine. Her latest piece is called Everyone Should Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Milestone. Prospect.org.

Sonali Kolhaktar, host of the television and radio program Rising Up With Sonali -it can be heard on Pacifica Radio and you can find her show on risingupwithsonali.com.

Cat Brooks, a local organizer in Oakland California. Co-founder of the Anti-Police Terror Project, Black power Network . Cat Brooks recently became co-host of KPFA’s morning program UpFront and she joins me here in the studios of KPFA.


Segment 2

Stephen M. Engel, Associate Professor and Chair of Politics at Bates College in Maine.


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