Letters and Politics

A Discussion on Hillary Clinton and Feminism – June 9, 2016

Today we host a political round table discussion on Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman to be a major party presidential candidate, the Democratic Primary process itself, Donald Trump and feminism.

Then, gay and lesbian rights in America with Stephen M. Engel author of the book Fragmented Citizens: The Changing Landscape of Gay and Lesbian Lives.



Segment 1

Adele Stan with the American Prospect Magazine. Her latest piece is called Everyone Should Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Milestone. Prospect.org.

Sonali Kolhaktar, host of the television and radio program Rising Up With Sonali -it can be heard on Pacifica Radio and you can find her show on risingupwithsonali.com.

Cat Brooks, a local organizer in Oakland California. Co-founder of the Anti-Police Terror Project, Black power Network . Cat Brooks recently became co-host of KPFA’s morning program UpFront and she joins me here in the studios of KPFA.


Segment 2

Stephen M. Engel, Associate Professor and Chair of Politics at Bates College in Maine.


  • Don Casey

    Mich Jeserich you are weak water-down version of what a progressive should be. You should not be at KPFA hosting Letters and Politics. You sound like a MSMBC Chris Hayes type. Shame indeed. Your critism of Obama was very weak this morning. You coould have said “no Bankers in jail” as a critism, but your mind doesn’t work that way does it Mitch? You sound as one who is playing it safe. Listen to the woman who wants us to celebrate Hillary ‘The woman”, and vote for her for that. Rediculous. Mich you are a fraud at KPFA, and the election is a ‘Fraud’ Your not a progressive, but more interloper.

    • Legion

      I didn’t hear this interview yet, because i don’t want to hear all the BS about the fraud–Clinton–shame on Amy–but Mitch is one of my favorites. I can’t see what you are saying at all. Mitch has a mind sharp as a dagger.

      • Don Casey

        Mitch has a great voice, and great guests. He’s inbetween a Chris Hayes type, and Tom Hartman. The questions and framing/positions Mitch takes aren’t progressive enough for a radio station like KPFA. KPFA is changing. It doesn’t have the same edge it once had. The Program Director does a poor job.

        • Legion

          maybe. i don’t work there. I think they have turned towards clinton and the democrats as they always do at election time–acting more like sheepherders–playing it safe. I would like to hear more radical truths and promoting of green ideas–jill stein–and earth first and less zionist voices and clinton supporters–they are establishment and have NO place on KPFA. they get enough coverage in corporate culture.

          but how do you mean?

  • Legion

    Clinton is not a Feminist. she is th ieron lady. she killed welfare for women. she bombs children all over the world–girls. and If you bomb men you bomb women–He for She! she is owned by Wall Street–destroying your world! Clinton is evil–or represents evil. she is the devils advocate!

  • Legion

    Voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman–to break the glass ceiling and “pave” the way–is voting for a single issue–not democracy, not people–not the world–and she will do nothing for women–the same as obama did NOTHING for black people.

  • Legion

    Somali hearing you speak–i fall in love over and over again. I love jill stein too. sorry. I love many women. my wifey. my mother. my sister. you. Stein and Sonali for President.

  • Legion

    Cat Brooks–you speak truth and need to keep speaking, keep talking. I am with you.

  • Legion

    Adel Stan has her priorities messed up.

  • Randy Janssen

    I think Donald Trump has some serious mental problems. It is not just what he has said, but the fact that he is on his third trophy wife, that makes me wonder about his stability. The problem I have with Clinton though, is not her honesty, but the way she blew off the coal miners in West Virginia. Everybody wants a clean environment, but if you are going to kill an industry, you better have something to replace the workers jobs. She also has missed the fact the the Midwest is in rebellion against crazy animal rights fanatics. Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and even Arizona have or are passing laws and even constitutional amendments against the insanity of groups like PeTA, the Humane Society of the United States and ASPCA’s vegan front Mercy for Animals. If she wants to win in those states, she better learn to address the problems of farmers.

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