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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 26, 2004


Fierce fighting in Fallujah, although the nominal ceasefire remains in effect. Members of Fallujah’s town council ask for United Nations mediation between resistance fighters and U.S. troops.

Dozens of former top ranking British diplomats offer a blistering critique of conduct of the war in Iraq and say Prime Minister Blair should use his influence to rein in the United States.

State Senator John Vasconcellos with a bill requiring the Department of Corrections to set up rehabilitation plans for prisoners to help drop the rate of recidivism.

San Francisco Latino activists rally at City Hall to protest the lack of Latino appointments to the police commission and other city bodies.

Community activists say a key portion of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is still too polluted from its years as a naval shipyard to be developed for civilian use.

And gay rights groups criticize the Massachusetts governor for denying same sex couples from other states the right to marry when gay marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts next month.


Pussy Riot
Putin Will Teach You to Love the Motherland
Shaved Women
Stations of the Crass
La Factionussi l
Tu Le Sais
Aussi Long Sera Le Chemin
Bikini Kill
Rebel Girl
Pussy Whipped
The Last Internationale
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Indian Blood
Stations of the Crass
Psycho Bitches Outta Hell
Hell Yeah!
Diamanda Galas
Do You Take This Man?
The Sporting Life
Druid Sisters Tea Party
Church of the Holy Trees
Gypsy Love Caravan
Concrete Blonde
I Call It Love
Mexican Moon
The Distillers
Gypsy Rose Lee
The Distillers
Babes in Toyland
To Mother
Goi Rode Goi!
Heaped Upon Impassive Floors
Hollow Psalms
A is for Anarchy
The Castrator Album
Ex's with Benefits
Make It Today
Bad Hotel

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