Discreet Music

Discreet Music – July 23, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Mix of new, unusual and experimental music, hosted by Dean Suzuki. Heard the first, third and fourth Sundays.


Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicIsland Records
Maggi PayneLive at Re:Sound Sun(unreleased)(unreleased)
Maggi PayneLive at Re:Sound Sun (cont)(unreleased)(unreleased)
Ashley Bellouin and Ben BrackenLive at Re:Sound Migration(unreleased)(unreleased)
Jeph Jerman and Tim BarnesBightMatteringsErstwhile
Konoko Nishi, Adria Otte, Christina DuttonLive re:sound(unreleased)(unreleased)
David DunnThe Sound of Light in TreesThe Sound of Light in TreesAcoustic Ecology
Cheryl E LeonardDeep Underwater BrashChattermarksGreat Hoary Marmot Music
Cheryl E LeonardFizzy Iceburg UnderwaterChattermarksGreat Hoary Marmot Music
Keith EvansLive at Re:sound(unreleased)(unreleased)
VoicehandlerMare Island Excerpt(unreleased)(unreleased)
Jason KahnTrack 2FieldsCut
Chuck JohnsonEye on the SparrowBasalmsVin Du Select Qualitie
LexagonMechanical Pencil(unreleased)(unreleased)
Felicia AtkinsonMonstera DeliciousaHand in HandShelter Press
LucyVibrations on a Circular MembraneSelf MythologyStroboscopic Artifacts
Flourescent GreyTelelogical AttractorGaseous Opal OrbsRecord Label Records
TortoiseDjedMillions Now Living Will Never DieThrill Jockey Records
Klara LewisWantTooEditions Mego
Schneider KacirekSpiegelmotivShadows DocumentsBureau B
Colin StetsonLike Wolves on the FoldAll This I Do For Glory52Hz
Keith Fullerton WhitmanGenerator 6GeneratorRoot Strata
Frank Bretschneider & Steve RodenPart 1 LiveSuite NuitLine
The Roger Tubesound Ensemble...and Plays Just NotesPlays Just NotesRather Interesting
TrioskMoment ReturnsHeadlight SerenadeLeaf
Duet for Theremin and Lap SteelMarkerDuet for Theremin and Lap Steel(self-released)
Rafael ToralIII.VIIISpace Elements Vol. IIIStaubgold
Patrick GallagherEntomochoreEntomochoreGrovl Tapes

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