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Freq Mod Radio Ep1

Channeling the eternal feedback loop. FM radio eats itself.
Direct to ear demodulations, radio incantations, modular montage and sonic barrage:
Destinations unknown.

Hosted by Thomas Dimuzio


Thomas DimuzioFreq Mod MIxlive in studio
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David PrescottChanceFrom Chance to ProbabilityGenerations Unlimited
Combine XXXIVDue ProcessCombine XXIII - XXXVPhage Tapes
Robert RutmanBow Chime Trio1939Generations Unlimited
Freq Mod MixThomas Dimuziolive in studio
NimbusIancu DumitrescuNimbus ZenithGenerations Unlimited
Conrad Schnitzler4 MinutesNo BordersGenerations Unlimited
Thomas DimuzioFreq Mod mixlive in studio
Bubbles, Pimples and AnchoritesGen KenNo BordersGenerations Unlimited
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Arcane DeviceLatheEngines of MythReR Megacorp
Rune LinbladFragment 2Death of the Moon and other Early WorksPogus Productions
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AMMCombine + LaminatesCombine + LaminatesPogus Productions

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