Discreet Music

Discreet Music – August 7, 2016

this episode is no longer available


Mix of new, unusual and experimental music, hosted by Dean Suzuki. Heard the first, third and fourth Sundays.


Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstralwerks
Trio ScordaturaDubhDubhErgodos
Scott McLaughlinAt Least Two ThingsThere are Neither Wholes Nor PartsErgodos
If, Bwana with/and/by Trio ScordaturaE (an sometimes why)E (an sometimes why)Pogus Productions
Der MaurerMatamatica NaifVol.. 1Parade
Steve MacLeanOrdinary Objects and Other DistractionsOrdinary DistractionsReR Megacorp
Steve MacLeanZen 3Ordinary Objects and Other DistractionsReR Megacorp
Mike OlsonWhat They're DoingSix ProjectsInnova
Albert MayrProposta Sonora IProposte SonoreAnts
Albert MayrProposta Sonora IVProposte SonoreAnts
Christopher HobbsSections 33-38Fifty in Two ThousandExperimental Music Catalogue
Paul A. Epstein72: 7/11/13Piano MusicIrritable Hedgehog
Michael FahresThe TubesThe TubesCold Blue Music
Ice/Anna ThovaldsdottirExistenceIn the Light of AirSono Luminus
Anna ThovaldsdottirHidden - StayRhizomaInnova
Anna ThovaldsdottirHidden - RainRhizomaInnova
Olafur ArnaldsDay V: Lost SongFounds SongsErased Tapes
Anna ThovaldsdottirTrajectoriesAerialDeutsche Grammohon
Olafur ArnaldsDay IV: Allt vard hljottFounds SongsErased Tapes
Nordic Affect2 CirclesClockworkingSono Luminus
Nordic AffectFrom Beacon the BeaconClockworkingSono Luminus
Nordic AffectClockworkingClockworkingSono Luminus
Olafur ArnaldsDay II: RaeinFounds SongsErased Tapes
ArstidirHimminhvelHvelBroken Silence
ArstidirShineHvelBroken Silence
Skuli SverrissonOne Night of SwordsSeriaSeria Music
Skuli SverrissonSeriaSeriaSeria Music
Skuli SverrissonMorgumSeriaSeria Music
Enzo MinarelliSinergicoral: aVoooxing PoooetreRecital 12
Enzo MinarelliSinergicoral: bVoooxing PoooetreRecital 12
Agostino ContoDon'anaVoooxing PoooetreRecital 12
Jaap BlonkPolyphtongPolyphtongKontrans
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