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Is Donald Trump the Charismatic Leader the KKK & Neo-Nazis Have Been Waiting For?

US-VOTE-REPUBLICANS-TRUMPAs Romney Warns Trump Will Lead U.S. into Abyss, Challengers Vow to Back Trump If He’s GOP Nominee; Is Donald Trump the Charismatic Leader the KKK & Neo-Nazis Have Been Waiting For? I Give the Governor Credit”: Rubio Praises Snyder’s Handling of Flint’s Man-made Water Crisis; Remembering Berta Cáceres, Assassinated Honduras Indigenous & Environmental Leader.

  • Brendan O

    Jewry hates Trump so he is a Nazi, KKK-er. And love Bernie because he is a cuddly lifelong communist activist in line with the judeo-communist “BABEL Template”
    [check out the Babel story of the Old Testament ; destruction of the Tower, Immigration etc.] being imposed on America. Yet Trump’s children and heirs are jewish and he loves Israel and praises Netanyahu. BUT–Trump is against the Organized-Jewish policy of vast immigration–[one million legal immigrants yearly mostly from Asia with only a few immigrants allowed in from white countries].
    I say Jewish Immigration Policy because it is a Jewish policy imposed at last by organized Jewry’s influence on Congress in 1965, after many decades of vigorous effort.. In that year the Immigration law and policy was changed from allowing immigration in proportions that maintained the status quo of the US population. Jews said that such a policy was ‘racist’ [the kettle calling the stove black] and Organized Jewry had at last sufficient influence and the control of Congress to impose a new immigration law of their own creation which as it turns out was designed to turn ‘white people’ into a minority in America from being 90% of the US population in 1965. Also the numbers of immigrants was enormously increased and in the last 30 years has been one million legal immigrants with only a small amount of them allowed from white countries. Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald has documented the history of the relentless multigenerational push by organized well funded jewry to get control of the immigration policy and change the immigration law to suit a jewish agenda. Naturally jewry did not disclose the agenda but rather insisted that nothing much would change. There is a chapter in MacDonald’s book: THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE, on this immigration policy struggle over decades and that information is available freely on line and is about 60 pages and well worth reading. Without that information the hidden hand of intention remains hidden and reality becomes difficult to discern in the reality of America today and especially the reality behind immigration policy; both legal and illegal immigration.
    White people I discovered does not include jews who consider themselves superior to, and separate from ‘white people’ whom they target for relentless criticism for being supposedly ‘privileged’; ironic hypocrisy. I know of no group more privileged nor more powerful than jews in America and evidently in Europe as well.
    It is impossible to speak of power and power-politics accurately without openly discussing Jewish Power and it’s many organs in America; and it’s power over the US government and over the mass media. Please note that any defense of white interests is characterized by the jewish media as ‘white supremacist’ and ‘racist’. Having control of the massmedia allows for too much potential for abuse and the constant drumbeat by the Jewish dominated media that white interest = racist is a shameful and disgraceful yet persistently relentless jewish engineered misinformation that reflects gross and grotesque abuse of their media-control power. That is my opinion and I invite others to consider the matter and ask: is there a psychopathic surreptitious war on putative ‘white people’ being waged in America by a highly organized jewish power entity? I think there is.

  • Anthony Enos Wicher

    Trump certainly did give AIPAC the best blowjob he could possibly muster. But must Jews won’t vote for Trump because he’s a thug, as anybody but a fool can plainly see.

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