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Linda Sarsour: Sanders’ Michigan Win “Sent Loud & Clear Message” Not to Discount Arab-American Vote

Arab VoteAs Trump’s Rallies Become “Racism Summits,” Linda Sarsour & Mohamed Elibiary Debate Islamophobia; Linda Sarsour: Sanders’ Michigan Win “Sent Loud & Clear Message” Not to Discount Arab-American Vote; As Trump Calls Himself “Very, Very Pro-Israel,” Rubio & Cruz Accuse Him of Being Too Neutral; “Old-Fashioned Redbaiting”: Hillary Clinton Bashes Sanders as GOP Candidates Clash on Cuba.

  • Brendan O

    March 11, 2016 Regarding today’s Democracy Now brief segment critical of Clinton’s support
    in 2009 for the military coup that displaced the legitimate elected leader of Honduras in 2009
    I am reminded of an interview conducted by Amy Goodman with the ousted Honduras leader
    at the time of the events in 2009 in which she sternly asked the ousted elected official about
    reports that he was anti-Semitic. That caught my attention as it seemed an odd issue to raise
    about a leader ousted in a military coup in Honduras. What was infuriating was that, although clearly
    Ms Goodman was familiar with information that caused her to ask that question, she said absolutely
    nothing to her audience to illuminate what the anti-Semitism, so important to her, issue was about.
    I was suspicious but I could find almost no information on the internet in English about Jews, anti-Semitism etc. in Honduras or relating to the military coup, except a mention of a powerful Jewish family being involved and allegations that Israeli troops were present at the time of the military coup. But recently, in looking for info about the activist murdered recently in Honduras I did find an illuminating article on the Occidental Observer by one Dark Moon that was published in 2009 and spoke of five Jewish families controlling Honduras and who were behind the coup. Now, as Ms Goodman noted, Honduras is a place filled with violent crime where the lifespan of the non-Jewish population is much curtailed.
    Also of note, not mentioned that I recall in the 2009 events was the role of wealthy Jewish John Negroponte as US Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-85 a period during which a reign of terror by US CIA trained Honduran government death squads rubbed out dissent. John Negroponte got his start in
    US diplomacyalong with Hal Holbrooke, as part of the Phoenix program in Vietnam [which terrorized and murdered the civilian population], that is said to have murdered 40,000 Vietnamese; and which may have been deployed in America in the 1980’s manifesting as the many serial killer events that spanned two decades about which David McGowan wrote in his book: “Programmed to Kill”.
    On another note regarding today’s program, it seems odd that putative Muslim ACTIVIST, Ms Sarsour, should be gung-ho on Zionist communist Bernie Sanders. I wonder if Ms Sarsour is a ‘convert’ to Muhammadism. Is Sarsour her husband’s surname?

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