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Climate Justice Movement “Extremely Disappointed” in COP21 Draft’s “Failure to Step Up”

Climate Justice MovementClimate Justice Movement “Extremely Disappointed” in COP21 Draft’s “Failure to Step Up”; We are Sacrifice Zones: Native Leader Says Toxic North Dakota Fracking Fuels Violence Against Women; At COP21, U.S. Allows Mention of Climate Reparations — Only If It Doesn’t Have to Pay Them; Former World Bank Chief Economist on Climate: “I Hope Historians Will See This as a Turning Point”; “Straight Wrong”: British Climate Economist Responds to Trump’s Climate Change Denial; Voluntary Pledges Aren’t Enough: Glaciologist Says Nonbinding Emission Reductions Won’t Cut It; “A Rogue Company”: Leading Glaciologist on Exxon’s Climate Change Cover-Up; Indigenous Group Brings “Canoe of Life” 6,000 Miles from Amazon to Paris to Call for Climate Action.

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