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When Black Lives Matter Met Clinton: Activists Speak Out on Challenging Candidate over Crime Record

Clinton meets ActivistsWhen Black Lives Matter Met Clinton: Activists Speak Out on Challenging Candidate over Crime Record; “Privileged Bloodlines”: Is Trump’s Stance Against Birthright Citizenship Setting Tone for GOP? David Cay Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Welfar.

  • Democrocernus

    Trump: your guest says his followers aren’t thinking this though about a big gov.. I think he is only partially right. But he is grossly understating it. These people do understand. They are not against big government–only a democratic egalitarian government. They are very much for a Huge fascist police state, a racist Christian state, very much like Israel only a lot worse and with a misguided new testament twist. It si fascism. And it is the same thing that happened in Germany. Its not kosher to talk about Nazi Germany and America in this way. But we always ask how could the Germans let this happen? how could they be so evil. And we talk of the banality of evil We have that right now in America, and this is the element that would bring us something as bad as Nazi Germany or worse. its called fascism, and it is alive and well among most Americans. The racists half and the banal corporate half. To say they are ignorant of what they do has frightening consequences. they know very well. And what frightens me more is that very few people actually listen to Democracy Now or KPFA. Not enough ot matter a whole lot. Most Americans are not thinking human beings and are completely ignorant of everything we discuss on Democracy Now. They will look at you like you’re an alien to bring up anything on this show. And the ballot box is rigged.

    There is another part of me who thinks this is social engineering–brinkmanship, totally manufactured–that Trump is acting. On assignment by powers that be–to destroy the Republican party. Democrats are the new moderate republican wing. Trumps mission is to disenfranchise this loony racist fringe of America because perhaps even the power-core understands everything I said above.

  • Democrocernus

    Hillary Clinton was completely disingenuous. She essentially says she will do nothing and puts all the responsibility on black people. She has the power and she is basically saying she doesn’t care. Her whole demeanor is one of not caring. She is insulting.

    Bernie Sander’s followers should be ashamed–booing them–totally unsympathetic. They show there true colors. And BS is parroting racist republican trash when he says all lives matter–duh–it disregards history in this country and current events. its blind idiocy and hostile.

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