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Chris Hedges Special – March 10, 2017

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Excerpts of the Chris Hedges Speech, on March 4th 2017, in Vancouver; and The Chris Hedges Collection, from the Pacifica Radio Archives.

With Hosts Cris Welch and Philip Maldari.

  • lescy

    Chris Hedges has joined up with the deep state in trying to undermine Donald Trump. I think he has been mind controlled or paid to do this (which I doubt but it is a possibility). He never mentioned any remotely positive qualities about Trump but plenty of negativity. He’s joined the huge 5-pronged massive deep state crew trying to take Trump down.

    Hedges has always been one of my favorite people in the world and a hero of mine, but now he is no longer special. He has become just like the radical liberals who I find despicable.
    Hedges keeps hammering on white supremacy and racism which is another characteristic of the left. He never said that the riots against Trump supporters were terrorist in nature, or at the very least, wrongfully carried out and in violation of the first amendment. Trump supporters are fearful of even wearing any pro Trump regalia for fear of being physically attacked! This is a violation of freedom of speech! No one is noticing this fact!!

    He did not mention the radical Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe and the Obama administration’s obvious denial of that fact, thereby allowing these terrorists into our country with open borders as if they are just “immigrants.” Those who agree with Trump’s travel ban are labeled white racists instead of defenders of Americans. And Trump is labeled a white racist for trying to protect Americans.

    He never spoke about the globalist agenda of taking down America as an important step toward the “New World Order” and how Trump was the answer to that in the minds of most Trump voters because he is a patriot. Trump is really heroic in taking on wall street and globalism world wide!

    Hedges didn’t mention that many Trump supporters are black, brown and female.
    He seems to despise white people and paints them as the enemy of black and brown people. That is a monstrous lie. This is also strange because he himself is white. He is fomenting division between the races! Why?

    Hedges did talk about Steven Bannon and some others and I will research those names and accusations . Everyone should listen to both sides of any debate in order to get a handle on the truth. The fact that Hedges didn’t do so severely weakens his logic. Liberals are notorious for willful ignorance and unfair support of issues that should be examined closely from both or all sides.

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